Monday, July 25, 2011

Pinterest Linky Party!

Michelle over at Michelle's Math in the Middle is having a Pinterest linky party! Like many of you, I LOVE Pinterest! I have gotten so many fun decorating, baking, DIY, and classroom ideas that I am dying to try! It is so fun to search through all the fabulous ideas on there. Here's a link to mine if you want to check it out; and of course if you would like an invite, I'd be glad to send you one! Just leave your e-mail in the comments section. I got my invite from Lindsey over at her wonderful blog The Teacher Wife -- check her site out, too!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teacher Discount Days

Hey friends! I happened to be perusing Office Max today when I noticed a sign for their Teacher Day 2011, and it got me wondering if any other stores happened to be doing the same thing! I did a bit of research and was only able to find information for a few places, but if y'all know of any other stores that are doing the same thing, let me know and I'll add it to the list! Here goes, and remember, the dates vary for different states - the dates/times I'm listing are strictly for Arizona but you can at least (hopefully) use the info to find out when yours is happening!

Teacher Days 2011 & Info
1. Office Max (AZ: 7/31, 8/1) -- Free gift for the first 150 teachers, but every teacher will get a tote bag where everything you can fit inside will be 20% off!

2. Staples (AZ: 8/6, 9am-12pm) -- Free gift bag for the first 100 teachers; plus extra coupons. It didn't say anything about certain discounts off, however - they didn't last year, either. But still yay!

3. Big Lots (AZ: 8/13) -- Didn't say ANY info for what teachers can get, but just had the information for the day it was occurring! Have any of you been to the Big Lots teacher day in the past that can give us all some inside info? ;)

4. Lakeshore Learning -- Lakeshore is having a 20% off sale for most of their store until September 1st!

Okay, now this next thing has nothing to do with a teacher day, and it isn't even a store! But I saw a link about it on the Deals Plus website and HAD to share! is offering all teachers a FREE Premium Club membership - it's normally worth $39.99! I checked it out and it is AWESOME. You can create photo slideshows, creative parent newsletters, overviews of your teaching units to share with parents at home so they can reinforce learning with their kids (LOVE this), scrapbooks, awards, yearbooks, and more. You just have to fill out a little application thing that proves you're actually a teacher and then they send you an invite. I can't wait to try it out!

That was all I was able to come up with to save money we all inevitably spend on our own classrooms every year... let me know if there are any others you know about so we can spread the word! :) I can't believe I even have to think about getting school stuff again! I go back officially in less than 2 weeks, where has the summer gone?!