Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Feeling Productive! {Workin' on it Wednesday}

As sad as this sounds, one of the best things about summer break is... I have time to work on more school stuff! I know, I know, it doesn't sound like the most ideal way for a teacher to spend her summer break - doing more work - but in reality, it's the best time to get ahead of myself and create some new projects that I just don't have much time to complete during the hustle and bustle of a school year. I'm linking up with Kim Adsit over at KinderGals to share a few of the things I've been working on for Workin' on it Wednesday!

Today has been quite the productive day! I've updated two of my current units for sale on TPT. One of them is the very first product I ever posted in my store, ABC Order Picture Sort & Literacy Game Pack, back in 2011. Needless to say, I've learned a lot about creating products since then! Just look at the picture below. The left is the cover page before (avert your eyes!!!) and the right is the cover page after (much prettier!). I'm still putting the finishing touches on a few of the pages, so I'll blog again when it's all ready to go.

One of the other products I added to is my Wood and Paper FOSS Kit Observation Journal. When I made it for my class, I simply made it to go with some of the wood experiments because that was all that we had time to do. I didn't create it with the intent to ever put it in my TPT store, but after using it with my students, decided to include it in hopes that others would find it useful. To my surprise, it has become my 3rd best selling unit - and it's the smallest of them all! I was so grateful that other teachers were using the journal to supplement their FOSS kit. I began to have multiple requests to add pages for some of the paper experiments as well, but never had time to create any...until now!

If you're anything like me, you know that the FOSS kits, while they come with a lot of great materials, lack anything quality to use for response sheets/journals/etc. much less something that is kindergarten appropriate. This journal is something that my students love using and it couldn't be easier to put together. Each page of the unit has 2 copies of the book so that you can simply just print it, cut it in half with a paper cutter, and staple it together. No having to shuffle through all of the pages to put it in order!

Click on the cover page below to go straight to the FOSS Kit journal in my TPT shop. You can grab it for just $2!

 photo woodandpaperpreview_zps02ce49d8.png

Don't worry, my summer hasn't just been spent working so far, though I do love having the extra time to devote to it! It's been a few weeks spent with family, friends, working out at the gym, relaxing, visiting with out of town relatives, and going to baseball games. I intend to fully enjoy this summer... and I hope you do too!