Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Show Us What You Bought! Blog Hoppin' linky

I'm excited to participate in the "Show Us What You Bought" linky party from the big TPT sale this past weekend.. I know I've been looking forward to it for awhile since my wishlist was bursting at the seams! Somehow I managed to only purchase 5 products... till next time, rest of my wishlist, till next time....

Here's a more detailed look at what I bought...

{Find that Cat! Interactive Learning Games by Growing Kinders}: I actually had this product in my shopping cart during the last big sale, and didn't get it. I wasn't going to leave it hanging a second time! My kids love Pete the Cat and they will love the little games and activities in this pack.

{Time for Sight Words: The Bundle by The Moffatt Girls}: This was the product I was most looking forward to buying... I knew my kids would love these! We made our first one the day after I bought this and they couldn't even get over it. Periodically throughout the day I'd say, "What time is it?" and they'd all excitedly look at their watches and yell out the sight word. So awesome! Love these!!

{38 Frame Designs Bundle by Teaching in a Small Town}: I've been needing some more cute frames for the resources I've been creating and this bundle (full of adorable frames) was a great value!

{Add to Decompose Numbers Packs 1 & 2 and Tens and Ones Base 10 Worksheets by Kinder Craze}: I can't wait to use these activity sheets with my kiddos... and they were so cheap! How can anyone pass these up? Great stuff from Kinder Craze...

Join in the linky over at Blog Hoppin' to show everyone what you bought!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Currently... and a Super Bowl SALE!

It's that time again! This is a great linky to participate in because I always find some new great blogs to follow! 

{Listening}: I'm listening to Imagine Dragons this month... AGAIN... because I am seeing them live this Friday with a couple of my best buddies! Can't wait!

{Loving}: The NHL lockout is over.. at last! I am a huge Phoenix Coyotes fan (and hockey fan in general) so I am so happy hockey has returned! Go Yotes!

{Thinking}: My class this year is a dream come true, really. This is the best class I have ever had. They request group hugs on a weekly basis, are so helpful and kind to one another, and are constantly asking if they can do more work  "just because"! What?! This is the twilight zone! They did another adorable thing for me yesterday.. I had to step out of my classroom to help deal with a student in another class, and one of our aides was keeping an eye on them through the window. When I came back, I peeked in the window and noticed that the kids had turned the lights off and were hiding under their tables. I literally couldn't wait to see what amusing thing they had in store. When I opened the door, they all jumped out and yelled "SURPRISE!!" and told me that they threw me a surprise party to make me happy. LOL! Who is this class? I adore them.

{Wanting}: This year is the busiest year I have ever had. Due to different circumstances that have occurred this year, I have a ton more responsibilities on my plate than ever before. I feel like I'm constantly running back and forth around school like a chicken with my head cut off! Unfortunately I don't think I'll get what I "want" until this school year is over! Ha!

{Needing}: To get organized. Uh, I think this is a direct reflection of how busy I've been this year, because things remain in piles and stacked on tables because there just is no time to go through it all! But I always know exactly where everything is, so I guess it kind of is my own form of organization? Yeah, let's go with that. ;)

{Pet Peeves}: When people don't use common sense... enough said. I'm sure we all encounter people like that in our lives, sadly!

Go link up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade and join in the fun! She is awesome!

I will also be participating in the Super Bowl SALE on TPT tomorrow! You can get up to 28% off in my store by using the code SUPER at checkout.. I know I've already got a bunch of things on my wishlist that will finally be purchased during this awesome sale! Thanks to Ashley Hughes (who makes fabulous clipart) for making the graphic! Click on it below to go straight to my TPT store!

 photo Sale2_zpsa61bd1ae.jpg