Sunday, February 1, 2015

Currently February 2015

So, can anyone tell me if January even existed? It went by SO fast... I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for the February "Currently"!

{Listening}: "Devil's Backbone" by The Civil Wars. One of my favorite bands, ever, who didn't last long enough. They were so incredible!

{Loving}: I'm loving reading the book "The Essential 55" by Ron Clark. Some not so fun things have been happening with budget cuts and teachers' jobs lost for next year, and I was just feeling really broken down about teaching. I needed something to re-ignite my passion and remind me of the reason I teach, and so I started reading this book by Ron Clark along with "Crash Course" by Kim Bearden, who runs the Academy with him. These books were so wonderful and really helped lift my spirits about the teaching profession, regardless of what was happening all around me. It's all about the students. Period, the end.

{Thinking}: I am going to a Super Bowl party this afternoon and I have been scouring Pinterest for one more recipe to make for an appetizer to bring. I'm already bringing buffalo chicken dip (a necessity) but I feel like making one other thing... the question is, what!!!!?

{Wanting}: I so want to get a new purse.. don't look too closely at mine... it's gotten scraggly throughout the years! The zipper is broken and there are some raggedy parts on the fabric. Surprising, since it's a Fossil purse. I need to head down to the Fossil outlet and find a new one!

{Needing}: I have these Kindergarten Journeys Interactive Notebook Activities for Leveled Readers in my TPT shop, and I NEED to get moving on finishing the pack for Unit 5 - I always feel bad when people ask me if the next pack is ready because I hate that I am making them wait to use it! I am going to get on it during the Super Bowl this evening! I can't wait till I am done with the last 2 units... they are a lot of work!

{Pageant Title}: Miss Sporty 2015 -- anyone who knows me knows I am a huge sports fan. I love hockey, baseball, football, you name it. I am a huge fan of my local sports teams! I love attending games, watching on TV, and cheering them on any way I can!

I hope you'll click on the link at the top of my post to join in and learn a ton about different teacher bloggers everywhere! It's awesome to read everyone's "Currently" posts. Happy Sunday!!!