Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Target dollar section... hurts so good!

Attention, everyone: the Target dollar section is pure evil. It calls to you and pulls you in... and resistance is futile. Seriously, have you guys seen the new stuff they have already put in there? A couple of years ago, I loved it when they started including teaching resources in the dollar spot. But hello, they have kept improving their quality of materials every year! They have a bunch of caddies, baskets, buckets, and organizers -- super cheap compared to the ones they have at the teaching stores. I also grabbed a few pointers there since my kiddos are obsessed with using them every year -- are your kids the same way? They LOVE using pointers around the room and beg me to let them use them, even during free choice time! Here are some of the cute ones they had:

I was surprised they actually had school stuff in there already... I didn't think they'd start getting any of that in until July. I've been finding myself thinking a lot about school already - I even had the "first day of school" dream already! I'm like, it's too early for that!! A teacher's work is never done, I suppose. I'm hoping to work on getting some more stuff in my TPT store as well as give out some free downloads here, so keep an eye out!

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