Saturday, August 27, 2011

Free For All Friday!...

...Even though it's really Saturday. :) Internet access is a no-go at my new place as of yet, so I have to update whenever I have wi-fi access at the moment. Besides, isn't it always a good day for free stuff?

I made these after school pick-up signs to put on my door... feel free to download! And if there's another program/pick-up you'd like me to make one for, just shoot me a comment and I'd be happy to oblige! Click the picture to go to the Google Doc, there are 3 more pages to view. :)

I also made this color & sort shapes activity sheet that I'm having my kids use next week. Have your students color each shape with the corresponding color word; then cut out and sort into the table above. One of my teammates used it with her class already and said they were so into it! (Again, click the picture to go to the Google Doc!)

This one's made to be printed on legal size paper, but I'm sure you could finagle it to be printed on regular sized paper if you don't have any available!

I've just finished up my 3rd week of school, and things are rockin' and rollin' with my kinders. They are a CHATTY group this year! And I think 6 of them have megaphones permanently attached to their vocal chords... love 'em, though. It's gonna be a fun year!

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