Monday, August 20, 2012

Must-Have Monday : {Teacher Week}

Teacher Week is back! I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for the first day, Must Have Monday! As I was browsing through some others that have linked up, I noticed we had a ton in common with our teaching necessities!

Number one, hands down is my document camera. How on earth did I ever teach without that thing?? It is such a lifesaver for someone who has to model EVERYTHING in kinder.

I love to use the Papermate Flair pens! They are the best to write with and come in so many fun colors!

And while we are on the writing utensil topic, I use the Sharpie chart markers all the time! They are perfect for making anchor charts and other poster creations.

A must have is also my flash drive and laptop. I am constantly perusing blogland and pinterest for ideas and it makes it so easy to save things directly to my flash drive so I know where to find it again!

I'm also fairly certain I can't live without velcro dots. I've used them for my calendar, ten frame board, and tons of other stuff for easy hanging. Makes life easier when the calendar numbers won't stick to magnetic surfaces through your very thickly cardboarded calendar. :)

One thing that my kiddos can't live without is the Dr. Jean CDs. I swear she has a song for everything! This year's class begs me to play her songs every time we go sit on the carpet together. She is a genius...

My neighbor teacher and I share an office that connects both of our classrooms together; and at any given point in time there will be leftover snacks hidden away that didn't get used. Our favorites? Cheez-Its and Skittles. Bad for the waistline, great for the tastebuds. ;)

Hope you'll join in! I promise after this teacher week I will actually post things that are happening in my classroom... not just linky parties. But this one is too fun not to join in!


  1. I love linky parties! I'm so excited to be introduced to flairs...I love Sharpies, but these look like a great addition to my toy box!
    Owl Things First