Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Currently, a Giveaway, and a SALE!

Happy December 1st, everyone! Is it just me, or did this Thanksgiving weekend totally fly by? I'm linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade! for December's Currently linky.
{Listening}: I'm over at my parent's house, we just finished putting up the Christmas decorations, and to end the night we are watching the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas special. It's a tradition! I'll always love watching it no matter how old I get!
{Loving}: My new favorite TV show is Sleepy Hollow. I love it! Ichabod Crane cracks me up, and I love the actor they got to play him. It's such a great show, even if it is creepy at times!
{Thinking}: I do not feel ready to get back to work tomorrow. Now that I've done all this Christmas-y stuff this weekend, it feels like I'm on Christmas break! I know it will go by fast, though, it always does!
{Wanting}: I've been working hard on a new Christmas product that I am so close to finishing. I really want to get it in my TPT shop for the big sale that starts tomorrow! It may not be on there till late Monday night, but I WILL get it done!!
{Needing}: My kinder team does Elf on the Shelf in our classrooms for the entire month of December, and tomorrow will be the day our elf makes its grand appearance! I still need to wrap up the box and make it all fancy to appear in my classroom tomorrow. I'm so excited for the kids to find out all about it! Best behavior plan ever...
{Favorite Tradition}: Every year since I was very young, my family has the tradition of putting up the Christmas tree/decorations starting the day after Thanksgiving. Even though I live on my own now, I still come over to their house and we keep the tradition alive! We light the Christmas tree scented candle, listen to Christmas music, and decorate the tree to our heart's content.
If you'd like to join in the fun, click here to link up and share what you're currently into!
Have you heard the news about my big blog redesign giveaway? It's going on right now, and you still have 2 days to enter and win an Amazon gift card, TPT gift card, or a bunch of December products from some really amazing bloggers! Click on the picture below to read all about it and enter to win!
 photo promopic_zpsfd287fe6.png
Finally, have you heard about the huge TPT Cyber Monday sale that starts TOMORROW? My entire shop will be on sale for 20% off; and if you use the promo code CYBER, your purchases will be 28% off the regular price! I've been putting tons of stuff on my wishlist in preparation for the sale, and I can't wait to purchase some of those items I've had my eye on for awhile. Krista Wallden (from Creative Clips) made this great promo picture to use for the sale. Click on it to go straight to my store just in time for the sale to begin in just a few short hours! Happy shopping!

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  1. Your blog looks great! Have fun introducing the elf tomorrow! How fun!!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  2. It was a little difficult to drag myself into school today. I love the elf idea! There was a "Elf on a shelf" Christmas special on this weekend.
    JustAnother PBJ Day

  3. Rudolph is my favorite, too! I love all those stop animation programs. :-)

    From Mrs. Allen's Teaching Files