Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Fun!

Before I begin this blog post, I have a very important announcement:

Can I get an amen?!

Seriously though, the week of Halloween is always full of fun, October themed learning activities, but kids cannot even contain their excitement the day of Halloween. And this year, they can be at home during their post-candyfest the following day! Woohoo!

Last year, my students participated in tons of fun Halloween/October themed math and literacy centers. The great part is, it didn't matter if it was an activity we had previously done - if it was revamped with a little pumpkin or spider clipart, they jumped for joy at getting to use these activities! I love creating fun, themed activities for my students to participate in. It makes it fun for me as a teacher, too!

Here are just a few of the math stations we'll be doing this week:

Ghostly Tens {Composing Numbers to 10}
This station has ten frame puzzles for students to complete and show which number combinations can be created to make 10.

Trick-or-Treat Candy Count
Students count and match candy cards to the trick-or-treat bag with the corresponding number.

A Pumpkin Patch of Shapes {2D/3D Shape Sort}
Students sort picture cards by 2D/3D shape and complete the recording sheet to show their learning.

Spiderweb Roll and Dab

Creepy Counting On
Students practice counting on from a given number in a sequence. (This little friend had her cards switched up on the mat, but wrote them correctly on her paper!)

All of these math stations - plus two more not pictured here! - can be found in my TPT shop in my Trick-or-Treat! Math is Sweet! pack. Printables are included for every single activity! You can click on the picture below to go straight to the math stations in my store.

 photo TrickorTreatcover_zpsa1243100.png

We kicked off our bat unit on Thursday with this adorable graph courtesy of The First Grade Parade! We asked ourselves, "Do you think bats are creepy or cute?" Last year, our opinions were completely split down the middle:

This year, "cute" won by a huge margin! I was so surprised! I, for one, am of the thought that bats are creepy, even though I think they are amazing animals. After that, we began making a schema chart of all the things we think we know about bats. I'll share more about that as we continue to fill it out with facts during the week.

Once my students start their literacy centers on Tuesday, I'll share more ideas for Halloween-themed reading activities you can implement in your own classroom: Sight Word Pumpkin Patch, Spooky Sentence Building, and some of my favorite games from some of my fellow amazing bloggers!

I'm supposed to have jury duty this week; and ain't nobody got time for that! Pray that I don't have to go when I call in the night before! Happy Sunday, everyone!

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