Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Currently... September!

I'm so happy September is here. It's been blazing hot in Arizona, and I mean HOT with humidity (which we usually don't have). The worst part is, we have had to have indoor recess for the majority of the past two weeks. Now, I have GoNoodle Indoor Recess to save me, but everyone has their limit eventually (AKA, kids are wild and they need to run outside before we all crack). Maybe it was my imagination, but a storm rolled through last night and today felt much cooler, like there was a change in the air. Now by much cooler, I mean it was only 99 degrees instead of 108. Ha!

Okay, enough about the weather. What I meant to say in my roundabout way is that I am excited for September because it means Fall is creeping ever closer! And since it's a new month, I'm also linking up with Farley for this month's Currently!

{Listening}: Joy Williams, "One Day I Will"
I can't get enough of Joy Williams' new solo album. It's amazing. If I can't have The Civil Wars back together, *sniff sniff*, this is the next best thing. So. dang. good.

{Loving}: My AZ Blogger Tribe
Sometimes you just meet bloggers and they instantly become your people: Cassandra from Mrs 3rd Grade, Ashlyn from The Creative Classroom, and Jennifer from The Blessed Teacher are blogger friends of mine that I am SO grateful for. They are so amazing, fun, supportive, and encouraging and I couldn't ask for a better group of blogging besties! We just did a BLAB live chat together and it was a blast! Love these girls!

{Thinking}: Changing grades... IS HARD!
I'm not sure if I've actually posted this here on the blog, but this year I unexpectedly got moved to first grade! It was already going to be a big year of change: I switched districts and schools, but I was still going to be teaching kindergarten. Unfortunately, the district decided that enough students weren't enrolling, so they cut my spot. Thankfully, there was a first grade opening at my same school! That made the unexpected switch a little bit easier knowing that I could stay at my new school that I am so excited to be working at. I also already knew someone on the first grade team... a fellow Arizona blogger, Sample's Superstars! So even though I was sad to leave kinder (it has my heart), first grade is pretty great too. However... I now feel like a first year teacher again after 7 years of teaching. I spend a lot of long hours finding and creating resources for first grade and a lot goes into the planning part. It's all about finding balance, which I am struggling with right now!

{Wanting}: Cooler Weather
For reals, Arizona. Stop being so hot.

{Needing}: More Time in My Day

{3 Goals}:
1. Wake Up Earlier (I'm more productive working at school in the morning!)
2. Make Time for Me (Instead of spending so much time working)
3. Be a Light (I want to be a kind, loving person to those around me)

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  1. Hey!
    I used to live in AZ and teach first grade too! What area do you live in?
    I totally get the hot weather - I was commenting in my currently how Vegas has been super hot too and I'm ready for a cool down.
    Switching grades and schools can be difficult - I've done it a few times! Hope your school year is off to good start!

    Team J's Second Grade Fun

  2. I LOVE YOU!! Our blab tonight was so much fun!! I am so thankful for you friend!! You are going to rock first grade this year and do amazing things!! I can't wait to watch you succeed!! <3 you!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  3. My group this year is extra challenging. Needing lots of patience and prayer here! Hope the weather cools off for ya. Its in the high 90s here in El Paso...so I feel ya...
    Sandy @ Elementary Expedition