Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Made-It 06.20.16

After hearing so many great things about 4th Grade Frolics' Monday Made-It from my good friend Learning in Wonderland, I knew I finally had to join in the fun! I'm linking up for Monday Made-It to share my newest creation!

One of the resources I needed most this year to help my students learn were hands-on resources to teach place value. In moving up to first grade this year, I found out that it was one of the most difficult concepts for them to master, at least in the beginning! The thing that helped them learn place value skills the most were by participating in hands-on, engaging activities, so over the weekend I created 7 different place value activity mats for my students to use next year.

With these mats, students will use number cards and place value blocks to practice creating various double digit numbers! I also plan on having them use play-doh as a fun manipulative on these mats as well! Why is it that every time you add play-doh into the mix, they all BEG to do it?! Ha!

I also made activity mats to practice adding and subtracting double digit numbers. Something about seeing the numbers built in front of them make it so much more simpler for them to solve.

If you don't have access to place value blocks, you can laminate the mats and have your students write directly on them with a white board marker.

I included black and white versions of each mat to save ink, so I printed out this comparing numbers activity mat on fun neon blue cardstock and stuck it in a write-on/wipe-off pocket!

I also created activities to practice identifying groups of tens and ones in each number. Students use the number cards again to choose a number and describe how many tens or ones the number has. I modeled it by drawing a picture to solve as well as writing the answer in the space below. You can also use place value blocks or play-doh to build the answers!

The last activity mats I created were Ten More, Ten Less ladder mats. These tens ladders helped my students SO much when it came to adding double digit numbers by ten later in the year.

You can find all of these place value activity mats by clicking on the picture below!

I hope you'll link up with us over at this week's Monday Made-It! There's always so many great ideas to be found!


  1. As a "big kids" teacher, I love seeing these Place Value mats being used with the "little kids". Thank you...these are awesome!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Such fun games! My kiddos need so much more practice with these concepts. I love those pockets too. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks! You did a great job with your host post this week! :)

  3. Yay! I'm so happy you linked up! MMI is so much fun!

    Thank you for all these ideas! My kids will love them :-)

  4. YAY!!!! I'm so glad you found this linky and linked up:) Learning in Wonderland is a doll!!! Love all your fun and functional mats!!! Hope to see you back next week;)

  5. Love these mats! I can see kids begging to use them!