Sunday, May 8, 2011

Animal Fun

My kids just wrapped up their unit on animals and they could not even get over finding all the facts they could about each one we studied. I used a few fabulous ideas from Ms. Deanna Jump's Zoo Unit from TPT and the kids loved every activity, especially the Alligator Pie poem activities. Every time kids finished with their work early, they BEGGED me to let them get pointers and read the poem aloud to each other. Before we actually made and ate the alligator pie, the kids added the poem to their interactive notebooks, rewrote it, and circled sight words they could read in the poem. Then, they had to draw a picture of what they thought the alligator pie was going to look like. Some of their ideas cracked me up!

We also learned about elephants by creating a schema chart. I love this idea because it really gets the kids thinking about facts and non-fiction concepts. They love to find out if their idea was true or not!

We also did a rhyming word sort activity right before reading The Three Little Pigs. Each student had a card with a word that they had to find around the room, read, and sort into the correct part of the chart:

We finished up the unit with a field trip to the zoo! So fun to see my kinder babies all excited to see everything. I can't believe we are winding down the end of the year so soon.. is it just me, or does every year fly by?

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