Saturday, May 11, 2013

Five for Friday!

Phew. This week was crazy! And it's only the beginning! The last month of school is always so packed with everything we have to get done. I'm participating in Doodle Bugs Teaching weekly Five for Friday party to share some of the fun!

1. Oh my goodness you guys. A parent brought me in a new Starbucks drink for Teacher Appreciation Week and it was AMAZING. Let me introduce you to the new Caramel Ribbon Crunch frappuccino. All kinds of YUM. And I got about 4 Starbucks gift cards from families during the week, so... guess what I'll be spending it on? Yep.

2. I actually purchased this product on TPT BEFORE the big sale because... it was too perfect for my kinders for end of the year review! These centers are from What the Teacher Wants - it's her Rockin' Math Centers for Kindergarten! She made a math game for every math standard! And nevermind that the kids absolutely thought it was the coolest thing ever that they were "rock star" math centers. Thanks Rachelle!

 3. Our Mother's Day cards turned out so cute.. but silly me forgot to take a photo of the finished product! Sad. On the front of their cards I painted their handprints, glued a flower pot underneath it, and they fingerprinted dots for flowers at the end of each of their fingers. They turned out SO cute - I'll share in my next post! I did get a picture of the awesome mom survey my kids filled out about their mothers. It's from Teacher Bits and Bobs Mother's Day pack. Here's one of my boys' favorite responses in the middle of the photo: "I wish mom could be my princess." Awww...

4. I got absolutely spoiled this week during Teacher Appreciation Week. Between our school PTO feeding us every day and getting us awesome gifts at the end of the week and my students showering me with thoughtful gifts, I felt like the most loved teacher in the world! This is a glimpse of some of the stuff I got.. and it's not even everything I did receive! So grateful and thankful.

5. Last night two of my favorite things in the world collided together: Arizona Diamondbacks baseball and my favorite band, Switchfoot! They played a free show after the game. At first, we were very far away:

But this is why I love and adore my favorite band. Jon Foreman came to hang out with us people in the boonies and ran around the ballpark hanging out with us even more than he was on the stage! It was so much fun:

It was an amazing way to end off the week! Check out more about the band here: {}


  1. My blog is called Kinder-gardening and I thought it was such a clever name until a web-marketer called. He told me he thought I had a great name for my blog and how was the organic gardening going!!!!!! Hahahaha. I can see that you are having greater success than I! Darling blog! I am headed over to What a Teacher wants for that math packet! Thank you so much!

    1. Ha! Thanks Sandy! I haven't had anyone thinking I was a gardening blog. ;) Thanks for the kind words! You won't regret buying her pack, it's great!

  2. Jealous! I've always been a fan of Switchfoot. You got lots of goodies there-it's nice to be spoiled every once in awhile! :)