Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale and a FREEBIE!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! I hope you felt appreciated for all the incredible work you do! I, for one, took advantage of free Chick-fil-a with a teacher's ID for dinner tonight. If only it could be like that all the time... ha!

I know I've got a bunch of stuff on my wishlist that I want to get, especially in preparation for the beginning of the school year since I'll actually have a moment to put it all together during the summertime!

Everything in my TPT shop is on sale for 20% off... and you can get an extra 8% off from TPT using the code TAD13! Here are a few of my most popular products that you can feel free to check out. Click on any of the pictures below to go directly to the product in my store!

My most popular item in my shop is Shapes Galore for the Common Core!, a 2D/3D shapes unit.

 photo coverpreviewTN.png

I also have a Plants and Living Things Observation Journal available... my neighbor teacher is currently using this with her kiddos and she says they are loving it! My students did, too, when we were busy planting our bean seeds!

 photo Slide1_zps3fc82a2c.jpg

My latest product is a decomposing numbers 3-9 activity pack, How Many Ways? I tested this pack out with my kiddos before putting it in my store and the counter activities helped them understand the concept so well!

 photo cover_zps5131478d.png

Because it is Teacher Appreciation Day, I wanted to share something with you to let you know how much I appreciate YOU! During our farm unit, we read the cutest book, Hogwash! by Karma Wilson. 

The book is so funny! I was fortunate enough to get it as a gift from one of my students at our last book fair and I'm so glad! Anywho, I made a little response sheet to go with the story where the students had to write about what happened in the beginning, middle, and end in their own words to retell the story. It's yours by clicking on the picture below! Enjoy!

 photo Hogwash_zpsec998bb2.png

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