Friday, September 20, 2013

Five for Friday {September 20th edition!}

Happy Friday everyone! This has been such a busy week... why is September almost over already? We start math benchmark testing next week, so to avoid thinking about those, I'm participating in Doodle Bugs Teaching Five for Friday linky this week!

1. We've been learning about 3D shapes this week -- my kids are all about them! I'm so surprised on how fast they picked up names and attributes about each one. I guess it's because each shape looks so different! I love using my big inflatable 3D shapes for activities.. and the kids do, too! Here we sorted shapes in the environment cards in front of each one.

2. Now that we finally have learned a decent amount of sight words, I introduced this little magnet letters sight word center. The kids loved it! I'm definitely going to make this a regular in the rotation as we introduce more and more words. Sorry about the crappy picture quality... and is it just me or did one of my kids use the letter X sideways as a T in the word "the"? I just noticed that! Haha!

3. As kids finish their math activity for the day, one of their options is to get out shape buckets. This student made a very detailed picture of Target... see the bullseye? A boy after my own heart! Haha! I thought it was pretty creative!

4. Next week we are going to be learning about Johnny Appleseed, so I took some time to create this schema chart and I'm pretty proud of how it turned out! Sometimes even I surprise myself with my drawing skills! (Trust me, they are NOT always pretty. I had a 5-year old laughing at my attempt at drawing a motorcycle....)

 schema chart idea from deanna jump!

5. Last, but certainly not least... have you seen the huge giveaway/linky over at Table Talk with C and C? You have the chance to win up to 16 best-selling TPT reading units... including my Easy as ABC {Alphabet Activity Pack}! And you can link up with YOUR best selling reading pack as well! Click on the picture below to go enter the giveaway... and hurry, because there's only one day left to enter! Good luck!!

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  1. Where in the world did you get those 3D inflatable shapes?! I need those! The shape picture is fantastic!

    1. I got them at a Teaching Stuff warehouse sale! Got them for like 90% off a few years back. I love using them! I think they're from Learning Resources, so check their website, they might still sell them! :)