Saturday, July 5, 2014

Time for School! {Predictable Sentence Builders for Little Learners}

I'm excited to say that I just finished my August/September sight word sentence builders pack just in time for back to school!

 photo timeforschoolcover_zps3a5da12c.png
Click on the cover page to go to the product in my TPT store!

This pack is slightly different from my other sentence building backs in that it is specifically designed for beginning of the year kindergarteners. At the beginning of the year, we teach them how words make up sentences and how they can be put together using capital letters, finger spaces, and a period at the end. Predictable sentence activities are perfect for teaching these concepts!

Predictable sentences are sentence stems that use the same words every time with one different word that changes to make a new sentence. For example:

This helps students create a sentence that makes sense using repetitive words to help them get their sentence started. It also helps them gain confidence to write their own sentences during independent writing.

In this pack, there are 2 different versions of sentence building activities that you can choose from depending on your students' needs. The first version has each word split up into separate cards for your students to put in order to create a sentence, like you see my students working on here in the photo below:

The other version has the entire sentence in order on strips where the students will put the sentence stem in the pocket chart first and then add the picture and punctuation cards at the end; as shown in the sample below:

Pocket Chart clip art by Teacher Laura!

This version can be very helpful to students who struggle with putting the words in order!

Each set has multiple printable recording sheets for your students to complete once they have built all of the sentences. There are differentiated options that will fit most of your students' needs!

Also included in this pack are 20 different Read It, Write It, Build It, Draw It! mixed up sentence printable activity sheets! My students absolutely love completing these and love to show me their detailed illustrations! Here's a sample of one of these from my Snow Many Sentences {Sentence Building Activities for January} pack:

Want to check out Time for School in more detail? Click on the preview picture below to go straight to the product in my TPT store and you can see exactly what you'll get with this pack! These sight words fit exactly with the HM Journeys program... but you can use them with any curriculum as they are words from the Dolch list as well!

 photo timeforschoolpreview_zps8c33043f.png

And guess what? My entire shop is on sale for 20% off through today... including this brand new pack! I'll be adding it to my Sight Word Sentence Builders for the Year BUNDLE next week... that's where you can find all of my sight word sentence builder packs for a discounted price! It's the lowest price it's ever gonna be right now... after I add this one, the price will go up a bit! So feel free to check it out and see if that floats your boat! 

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