Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Teacher Week 2015: Five Fun Facts!

Teacher Week is back and I am so excited to link up with the Blog Hoppin' girls for Monday's theme - 5 Fun Facts About Me!

And here we go!

1. I'm currently in my 7th year teaching - 6 of those years were spent in Kindergarten, all at the same school, with my amazing kinder team pictured above! Sometimes you get blessed to work with an incredible group of people that become your close friends, and I love them all dearly! The phrase we wrote on the sidewalk sums it up... I may be teaching first grade this year, but my heart will always love teaching kinder! I'm at a different school now, but I'll always love my amazing former teammates!

2. It's true - I love my hometown sports teams and enjoy watching and attending games, especially hockey (Coyotes), baseball (D-backs), and football (Cardinals)! Even though I live in the desert... hockey is my favorite! In the picture above, I had just won a team signed stick from the Arizona Coyotes. (Oddly enough, I also have a strange knack for winning sports-related contests... why couldn't it be the lottery? HA!)


3. I feel so blessed to be able to sing and play music on the worship team at my church. Better yet, I get to do it with some of my closest friends. My faith is one of the most important things in my life and this is one way I absolutely love serving Him. We play some pretty rockin' songs, too!

4. My favorite band is Switchfoot and it has been for YEARS! I love their music and lyrics, their live show is unbelievable, and they are five of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. When I met them in the above photo, I had told them they had outdone themselves with their newest album, so Jon Foreman (the lead singer) said, "Well, we need to outdo ourselves in this photo!" And so the above crazy photo ensued. It makes me laugh and it's one of my favorites!

5. My favorite book of all time is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. The entire series is my favorite series as well (there are 8 books so far) but I love the first one, Outlander, the most! I've read it 3 times and it definitely will not be the last. So imagine my excitement when they made it into a TV show?!? And it turned out to be A.MAZ.ING! I had viewing parties all year with a bunch of my friends. And seeing Jamie Fraser in the flesh? Yes please! Love these books!

Phew! It was hard to narrow it down to these five, but there you have it! Hope that gives you more of an inside glimpse into my life! Link up with the ladies of Blog Hoppin' and join in the fun!


  1. I love Switchfoot too! I've been wanting a new series to read. I will have to try Outlander!


  2. Oh what a fun post to read! I don't know why I'm so late to read it, but I really enjoyed learning all of these fun facts about you! And would you believe... I just finished watching the Outlander series TODAY!!! What a coincidence!
    xo Pam
    Hedgehog Reader