Thursday, January 24, 2013

100th Day of School!

Tuesday was our much anticipated 100th Day of School! The kids were so excited. For the past 2 weeks leading up to it, every day I heard, "Is today the 100th day?!" "Is the 100th day the last day of school and then we go to 1st grade?!" Haha. We didn't get to everything that I usually have planned for the 100th day because we had a school-wide assembly that morning for our new initiative called Rachel's Challenge (which I'll blog about next time) but we had fun with the few activities we did get to!

Our schedule on the 100th day usually looks like this: 100th day stories and activities in the morning; 100th day themed centers in the afternoon. For our shortened morning, my kids completed a bellwork activity where they had to color 100 items based on the color word code provided. After that, we read the story Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten and we compared and contrasted all of the things they did to celebrate in the story to the things we would be doing that day.

Our big activity for the morning was something that I first saw on Deanna Jump's website a couple of years ago before I even knew the teaching blogging world existed on such a vast level! My kids created an art project to show what they thought they would look like when they were 100 years old. To give the kiddos some background knowledge, I showed them a powerpoint my neighbor teacher made that had pictures of 100 year old people! They got a kick out of that, and their projects turned out so cute! This year a few of my boys added beards and mustaches to their old selves -- too funny!

         The hair on this one made me laugh so hard!

In the afternoon, we did four different themed centers:
1. 100 Skittles Sort & Graph
2. 100th Day Necklace
3. 100th Day Hat
4. "Stamp to 100"

Here are a few pictures of our activities... unfortunately all of my pictures of the hat were taken when kids were wearing them, so I can't post them here! But I got my hat from the wonderful Fran at Kindergarten Crayons -- she has it for a free download, so go back and check out her 100th day post from a year ago!

Our day was so fun! I can't believe this year is already 100 (well, 102 now, officially) days over! The year is absolutely flying by!

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