Friday, January 25, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party January 25th}

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for the weekly Five for Friday linky party! Here's 5 random things from my week:

1. Tuesday was the 100th day of school! Half of my kids thought that meant that it was the last day of school and they would be going to 1st grade. They kept telling me how much they were going to miss me, but I assured them they'd be stuck with me for another 80 days. ;)

2. This week my school kicked off our participation in Rachel's Challenge, which is the movement started by the family of Rachel Scott, one of the students killed in the Columbine tragedy. It encourages everyone to start a "chain reaction" of kindness. Our school is making a giant "chain of kindness" where the students write about either something kind someone did for them; or something kind they did for someone else. Here's some of the things my kinder kids wrote about (which melted my heart!):

3. One of my favorite shows, The Office, is in its last season ever and this week's episode left me so sad at the end! I won't post about what happened so as not to spoil it for anyone, but let's just say it's not something that is supposed to happen on the show. And yes I am invested since I've been watching for the last 9 years of my life. Haha.

4. We had a 3-day weekend due to the MLK holiday which gave me time to finish my new weather unit, Oh the Weather Outside... {Weather Themed Activities for Math, Literacy, & More!} My kids have been loving doing all of these weather activities, so I'm excited to share them with you all! Here's a preview picture of the unit below; and you can find out more by clicking on the link above to get to the product in my TPT store!

5. Last but not least, if you'll permit me to shout it to the mountains... HOCKEY IS BACK. HOCKEY HOCKEY HOCKEY. Booo to the NHL lockout for taking half of the season away from us, but I've been able to reconnect with my Phoenix Coyotes this week... go Yotes! I just love hockey, what a great sport. I took these pictures at a free scrimmage game they offered to the fans.

Link up with Doodle Bugs' post here and share your own 5 random things from the week! :)

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